About Us

Quality products and exceptional service since 1971

45 Years and Counting

At The Beef Joint we have been providing the finest meats and artisan small goods to our customers in the beautiful Yarra Valley for almost 50 years.

The Beef Joint was started in 1971 by Eric Duff, who’s main aim was to provide the best quality, locally sourced products to his customers. Eric soon developed a loyal following, and the business flourished with its reputation for quality produce and honest, reliable service. With 60 years experience as a master butcher, Eric was still working full time as Proprietor of The Beef Joint until mid 2015, at the tender age of 73.


One of only four businesses in the Yarra Valley that have been owned and operated by the same family for almost 50 years, The Beef Joint is now a second generation family run butcher with Eric’s son Ben taking over as Proprietor in 2015.


Ben takes pride in showing respect the old style butchering traditions and techniques, while also bringing a new understanding of current food trends and international cuisine tastes.


“We’ve developed a tried and tested methodology that we value and believe in. Our mission is to continue delivering the best ethically sourced, high welfare products combined with the most friendly, knowledgable and dependable service to our valued and loyal customers.”


“We work hard to develop partnerships and source from small producers, which allows us to be more informed about the products we sell. We respect our customers, we respect our suppliers, and we pride ourselves on the quality we deliver. We really are the experts.”

Meet The Team


Ben Duff


A second generation butcher with 20 years experience in the trade, Ben took over the reins as proprietor of The Beef Joint from his father Eric Duff in 2015. Ben is a well respected member of the local community, and a past President of the Healesville Chamber of Commerce. Ben also brings an international flavour to his craft with extensive experience in the food and butchering industry in England and throughout Europe. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few recipe ideas or cooking tips and tricks when you’re next in store!


Eric Duff


Eric’s butchery career started in 1956 when he worked with Alex Christie as an apprentice. After his boss and master passed away Eric decided to start his own business in 1971, attracting many of the loyal customers that he had served as well as many new followers. And so began The Beef Joint. Eric was working full time as proprietor of The Beef Joint until mid 2015, at the tender age of 73. Now ’semi retired’ you’ll occasionally still see Eric in store doing what he loves, and providing his loyal customers with that level of service they’ve always enjoyed.


Nicole Duff


Nic and Ben form the husband and wife team now leading The Beef Joint into its next chapter. A qualified permaculturalist and landscape gardener, Nic’s focus is on building the fresh produce offering which now goes hand-in-hand with the traditional butchery produce. From organically grown herbs to fresh fruit and vegetables and everything in between, it’s the perfect combination to produce next-level products and meal ideas. Nic’s energy is infectious, so be sure to say hi next time you drop in store.


Harrison Duff


Harry is definitely the shop CEO. He loves to give orders, and delegation is a strength (a.k.a. he doesn’t do a lot of work). We have no doubt he will find himself at the top of the tree, be it in butchery or driving his own garbage truck!


Cooper Duff


Cooper also loves to give orders and is handy on the shop front BBQ on weekends. He likes to be in control, and also happens to know everything. So if you’re hungry and have any questions, drop by the shop this Saturday!

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